Braingystics is an hour-long comedy stage show by Jared Jeffries and Peyton Brown. It premiered at the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and is planned to tour various festival dates in the U.S.A. next year.
After discovering the power of Braingystics and unlocking the true power of their brains, Peyton and Jared – WITH THEIR FULL KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT – turned over all their worldly goods to the Braingystics movement, so that they could live in isolated communal harmony and spend the rest of their days helping the rest of humanity reach their full mind potential through the lessons of Salesmanship and the incredible absorbency of the Miracle Sham patented microfiber towel.

-The Derek Awards

"Talented but Ignored"
-Fringe Monkey

Audience Reviews from
"This was the funniest thing I saw at fringe this year. The guys gave flawless high energy performance, a must see."
"Shortly put, Braingystics is one of the best, if not *the* best, comedies at Fringe. Presented with classic American enthusiasm and charm, with the dry wit and satire you'd hope from a Brit. A must see ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
What an intense and exceptional performance! You can tell the amount of hard work/effort gone in to writing this! Felt like I was tripping out at one point - between the dark room, the white jumpsuits and satirical takedown of sales pitches/schemes, the hour flew by! A very mesmerising experience. Absolutely worth your while venturing along to this!"
"High concept comedy, delivered with stunning and unrelenting intensity. Two men bombarded me with incongruous information for what seemed like two hours. I marvelled at every moment of this. It explains why so many people in the world today have given up on facts, as it expertly communicates the exquisite joys of knowing without thinking. A unique experience, I gave this 5 stars (*****)."
"Cleverly written and perfectly performed. Genuinely good satire on society trends through a hilarious narrative. Absolute gem of a find in a little corner pub. Fringe at its best."
"Excellent very funny parody of pyramid scams"
"One of the most cleverly written and tightly performed comedic pieces I've seen, at the Fringe or beyond. You'll regret missing it."
"Incredibly funny. Have recommended to everyone I know to go and this gem."
"Braingystics is a brilliant performance in the fine tradition of satirizing the American dream / sales culture of the USA. Updated for a contemporary audience it also nods in the direction of political culture that has developed since the arrival of Trump. Full of laughs this show is hugely entertaining. If consumers are there for the taking don’t miss out in taking in this show."
"We are so, so glad we came to see this. It's one of those uniquely fringe experiences that the festival is all about."
"First heard about it when the guys made us laugh when handing out fliers, so we thought we'd give it a go, and it was the correct choice."

"It was hilarious, satirical, energetic and just a fantastic way to spend an hour.
We paid in advance for tickets and then paid more at the end."

"The show deserves full audiences every performance.
You should go and see it, then tell your friends to see it.
It's only a small venue, but it deserves to be full for every show."
"Move over Troy McClure....political, profound, sharp, seamless, and bloody hilarious. So head-rollingly funny I very nearly pissed my pants and had to go down a side alley when I left the venue. Grassroots Fringe frontrunner genius."
"I live in Edinburgh and have seen so many shows but this is the absolute highlight of the Fringe this year. Clever, funny and expertly crafted. Thoroughly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
"Braingystics was the best comedy we saw for the entire time we were at the fringe.
Think the Book of Mormon meets Monty python and you’d be almost there.
Hilarious, well written and bursting with energy Braingystics is well worth going to."
"This is one of those hidden gems that you congratulate yourself for finding. The piece is beautifully written, clearly well rehearsed and very original. I saw it as part of quite a small audience but the performers gave it 100% and the show deserves much bigger crowds. Friendly little bar upstairs too!"
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